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Levels of complexity and difficulty

(this is a highly subjective list)

The greater the number the more difficult and or complex the task:

  1. buying prêt-á-porter clothes
  2. straight sewing with a machine, needle threading, cutting, marking on fabric
  3. zigzag an edge, maneuvering a machine, pin
  4. applying a button by hand, 1 fold hem
  5. following an easy pattern, buttonholes with a machine
  6. making your own simple pattern
  7. change foots on a machine, sewing stretch knitted fabrics
  8. tracing and making a pattern from existing clothes
  9. making stuff straight/coherent
  10. roughly fit a human body
  11. applying zippers
  12. multiple layers (eg. quilt) on machine
  13. passpoal stuff
  14. tight-fit to a specific body (weaved fabric)