Get the patterns

You can get the patterns in two ways:

Download all the patterns in the Libre Patterns repository

Download all the patterns as zip220 or tar.gz221 Note: These archives only include the filetypes: svgz, pdf, png and the LICENSE and README files.


Get all the patterns, photos and meta data by cloning the git repository222 (install git223 first):

git clone git://


You are very welcome to fork it too and modify the patterns to your liking and needs. You can use the template to create similar patterns yourself using LibreCAD224 or Inkscape225. If you create anything of value – do not hesitate to make pull requests for it to be included in libre-patterns.

If you want a copy of the blog contents – just ask or make one with:

wget -m -a html,png,jpeg,jpg

This will download all contents to your hard drive as browseable xhtml files in folders.

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