Pillowcase 51×58 cm

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This design is made from a purple pillow case found in a container last year. 🙂 It has a funny looking green crocodile embroidered on one side. It looks home made but the designer did not bother to include some information. Maybe I should learn from this and always include a piece of ribbon containing my name, year and encourage to copy or modify the design and share the result. 😉

To be continued…

Edit 2/2-13:



This might be a little wrong because I did not sew one myself just yet: Cut a cotton or other suitable fabric. Start by sick-sacking all borders that need it. Then fold 1 cm at the short edges, (iron if you really need to) and sew them. Then go on sewing the fold that keeps the pillow in the case. Now is the time to embroider if you are going to do that. Then fold again making sure the pillow fold will get right. Finish by sewing the two 58 cm edges together. Voila!


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