Bag model: SNUR 40×40

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  • What: Bag
  • Model: SNUR
  • No. of parts: 1
  • Description: A bag that can easily be scaled to be the size you want.
  • Size: 40×40 cm
  • Difficulty: easy



  1. Zigzag edges that need it.
  2. Fold on the middle. Do a 2,5 mm stitching 1 cm from the edge until you reach the markings (MARK), then fixate the thread and sew the last 5 cm with 5 mm stitch.
  3. Make the fold for the ribbons by stitching (2,5 mm) the 4 seam allowances down to the markings. Then rip up the 5 cm 5mm stitching and fold 1 cm and fold again 2 cm and fixate the fold with a 2,5 mm stitch.
  4. Then sew off the bottom edges of the bag allowing for a rectangular bottom (drawing or photo needed).
  5. Finish by cutting 2 ribbons: length diameter of the bag + 5 cm (=45 cm) insert them into the fold (I used a safety pin) and sew the ribbon ends together. FINISHED

Scale the bag

Decide what size of bag you want. Then apply 10 cm to the length and 2 cm to the width.


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