More beginner advices

  • if you want to sew clothes start by sewing clothes for your own body, because then you always have the model with you
  • document what you are doing and ask others (e.g. more skilled persons) to comment/review
  • give up on making something “beautiful” – go for function. Estetics is something for non-beginners (this is similar to a lot of programming were you first concentrate on making the program work as intended)
  • if you are going to work with stretch knit fabrics then I advise to buy a temporary textile glue to help hold the fabrics together during the sewing (needles are not as good a tool here)
  • learning how to sew temporary stichings and rip them easily can be very handy (especially when working with knitted fabrics as they break easier when you use the stich cutter and seams tend to “hide” in the fabric). I use an ordinary straight stiching as long as possible (6 mm on my machine) AND SEW WITHOUT BACKSTICHING in the ends. This enables you to pull out the threads of the stich with ease when you want to remove it. Often I just leave it and make a more permanent stich on top of it.
  • turn downsides into to advantages: if you do not have the skills to repair something without it being (very) obvious, then I suggest you do as I do: repair and change color of the thread multiple times and be proud of repairing your stuff (and avoiding unnecessary shopping) 🙂