Underpants. Wondering how to start?

I would like to:

  • make my own underpants to wear under my trousers when it is cold outside. Is this project to hard to start with?


  • learn to use a vector or CAD program. Which one? LibreCAD? Inkscape?
  • measure and draw and share the result here
  • buy a suitable fabric. With stretch or without?
  • print the pattern on paper
  • transfer pattern to fabric
  • cut
  • sew. Does a usual low cost machine do the job?


First post!


This is my first blog in English. English is my second language out of 6 (Danish, English, German, Esperanto, Swedish, French). Bare with me if I happen to spell or express myself unusually. JUST ASK in the comments if there is something you don’t understand.