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New libre patterns found!

Today I found Open Source Sewing Patterns (OSSP).I am actually quite glad because I have thought since I began sewing “the must be somebody else among a population of 5 billion which thought of liberating their crafty ideas and patterns in a way similar to mine” and I need to see and use the work of others to be inspired creating something useful for me.

Their license is the same as one already applied to most of the Libre Patterns in the library

Except where noted, you may use either the Attribution-ShareAlike license or the Attribution-NonCommercial (version 3.0, as I write this – if it’s been updated and for some reason you want a newer version, nudge me to update the pages).


Their collection consists almost entirely of items designed for use by children:

  • Teddy Bears and Other Jointed Animals (7 patterns)
  • Plushies, softies, and other things (6 patterns)