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New libre patterns found!

Today I found Open Source Sewing Patterns (OSSP).I am actually quite glad because I have thought since I began sewing “the must be somebody else among a population of 5 billion which thought of liberating their crafty ideas and patterns in a way similar to mine” and I need to see and use the work of others to be inspired creating something useful for me.

Their license is the same as one already applied to most of the Libre Patterns in the library

Except where noted, you may use either the Attribution-ShareAlike license or the Attribution-NonCommercial (version 3.0, as I write this – if it’s been updated and for some reason you want a newer version, nudge me to update the pages).


Their collection consists almost entirely of items designed for use by children:

  • Teddy Bears and Other Jointed Animals (7 patterns)
  • Plushies, softies, and other things (6 patterns)

How to Make a Bean Bag Chair- Child Size


Seeing the beginning of this made me realize how simple it is to make one of these. I would of course fill it with something else than fossil-plastic “beans”. Why not use real beans and air it out if it gets wet? Or wool either a type that filts or one that does not.

The advantage of wool is that it provides insulation and a nice warmth – beans do not. This is useful during the cold winters, one could make two and alternate or just switch the filling (wool=winter,beans=summer).

How to Make a Bean Bag Chair- Child Size & GIVEAWAY! – YouTube3271.


Sewing the underpants model KALSON

During the sewing of pair no. 2 of underpants model KALSON I experienced the following:

  • I forgot to check the stretch of the fabric (almost no stretch) before cutting and ended up with parts being too small to fit around my hips. I found a solution: adding a new part in the length of the underpants with a width of 8 cm.
  • I used temporary stitching in all the seams and glued parts (using non-toxic cellulosa and water based paperglue for children) were needed. This was easy to remove afterwards after soaking in hot water for an hour.

Pamoyo – professionally designed patterns

Pamoyo is a green, open source fashion label with Berlin roots. We create fashion design that style & remix culture, recycled garments and ecological materials. The designs are shared under Creative Commons license free for everyone to tweak and remake. Pamoyo has existed since 2008 and is led by designer Cecilia Palmer, and a growing number of creatives that contribute to the collections.

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