Pamoyo – professionally designed patterns

Pamoyo is a green, open source fashion label with Berlin roots. We create fashion design that style & remix culture, recycled garments and ecological materials. The designs are shared under Creative Commons license free for everyone to tweak and remake. Pamoyo has existed since 2008 and is led by designer Cecilia Palmer, and a growing number of creatives that contribute to the collections.

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Tada! My first own design ANTUK is ready!

Get the pattern by downloading the latest version of all the patterns (as zip)


  • What: Apron
  • Model: ANTUK
  • No. of parts: 2
  • Description: For use in the kitchen. 100% cotton. The long neck ribbon runs through pipes and enables you to adjust the position of the apron and to keep it on.
  • Difficulty: easy

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I’m not yet a member but this site seems very promising. Go look for yourself

Effective means of sharing

I an wondering How to best share the patterns with others? I have come to the conclusion that only sharing patterns on the blog and thus not making all the patterns available without visiting all the posts is unacceptable. What about sharing the files via a git repository? That would be effective, easy for me to maintain and make forking much easier. But why then this blog?

Pros of the blog


  • is pretty * makes it possible for people to comment and share ideas.
  • could turn into a hub with time
  • enables guest posts, coauthors and more
  • supports preview of the patterns * enables authors to easy publish from any operating system

Pillowcase 51×58 cm

Get the pattern by downloading the latest version of all the patterns (as zip)

This design is made from a purple pillow case found in a container last year. 🙂 It has a funny looking green crocodile embroidered on one side. It looks home made but the designer did not bother to include some information. Maybe I should learn from this and always include a piece of ribbon containing my name, year and encourage to copy or modify the design and share the result. 😉

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Preparing fabric (or not)

I have now sewn a few things including a few pillows and a bedcover case and did not (yet) follow this advice:

Always wash and press all fabric before sewing with it. New fabric will usually shrink a certain amount. Marking of patterns must be done on quite flat (well-pressed) fabric, as creases will distort the shape of the chalked pattern. source Wikibooks

What I simply did was marking with an ordinary pencil[^2] on unwashed cotton fabric. Then I began to sew and did not bother much about creases of if I made it straight. I imagine that these advices apply to precision work as is the making of clothes.

^[2]: This might be hard to remove I was told at the fabric store.