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  • What: A-shirt aka. tank top
  • Model: SUBTJEMIZ
  • No. of parts: 2
  • Description: Shirt to wear under other clothes or by itself. This model is quite long and you can shorten it if you prefer to.
  • Size: XXL
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Conforms to standards: No


The build of an A-shirt is simple: the neck and armholes are often reinforced for durability. One usually has large armholes and neck holes and a neckline that can reach down as far as mid-chest. They are also sometimes made long to make tucking into a pair of jeans/shorts easier. In almost all cases, they are buttonless, collarless, and pocketless. An A-shirt worn as an undershirt is designed for a tight fit and is often made of ribbed cotton.

A tank top consists of a sleeveless shirt with low neck and different shoulder straps width. It is named after tank suits, one-piece bathing costumes of the 1920s worn in tanks or swimming pools. The upper garment is worn either by men or women, having a greater variety of model’s available for women. In men it is usually used as underwear. WP source


Cut. Sew the front and back together at the sides. Try the fit (safetypin the straps together) and adjust if needed. OPTIONALLY reinforce the fabric around the arm- and neck holes by cutting 2,5 cm x 60-80 cm straps of fabric. Then attatch them to the wrong side first with a temporary stich, fold the strap to he right side and sew with a permanent stich from the right side.










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