Underpants model KALSON

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  • What: Underpants
  • Model: KALSON
  • No. of parts: 4
  • Description: Underpants with space for male genitals.
  • Size: M, L, XL
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Conforms to standards: probably not



Garment: Stretch knit (I used t-shirts from second hand stores, they are 100% cotton and only have a little-moderate stretch, but it is enough) First make sure that you cut observing the straight grain of the fabric. The most stretch of a stretch knit fabric is to my knowledge often perpendicular to the straight grain. Then make sure you use stitchings suited for stretch knit fabrics.

Cut out the pieces folding where indicated. All edges have about ½ cm seam allowance included. Sew together the two identical genital pieces (Front piece 1/2). Then add to this the front 2/2 pieces. Now you have the back and front finished. Pin them and see if it fits your body. Attach the bottom 1/1 piece to the front and back. Then join the back and front. Finished by making a pipe for the elastic/cord/ribbon along the top of the underpants. First make a buttonhole. Then sew the pipe. Finish by placing a elastic/cord/ribbon into the pipe.


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