My first duvet

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  • What: Duvet
  • Model: PEPLOM
  • No. of parts: 1
  • Description: Childsize duvet for children up to 4 years of age.
  • Size: 111×103 cm
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Conforms to standards: no


I found a cover for a duvet in a flee market that was ~117×108 cm. Needing a duvet for my child I simply decided to make one that fits this cover out of an old bedcover. The measures probably do not follow standard sizes of beddings. That does not matter to me because I will make more covers for it myself.


Zigzag edges that need it. Fold. Stitch 3 of 4 edges together. Now make pipes that are large enough for your hand/arm to enter them (I noticed that the width of my hand on the broadest place +3 cm was adequate. Prepare the wool. Stuff.


DSC_7071 What I started out with. DSC_7072 Locally produced wool (untreated) DSC_7076 Tools DSC_7078 Cutting DSC_7081 Sew the pipes DSC_7084 Ready to be stuffed

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